Magnet template single letters. Material magnetic foil Coropol 0.9 mm thickness. The templates are reusable. Ideal for labeling containers, vehicles and other technical equipment made of metal or steel. Height means: height of letter, height of number after removal of the template. When using umlauts, the typeface increases accordingly. Benefit from favorable scaled prices.

2,95 EUR
incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs (to DE)

- Wat is? height -

Scaled Prices
from 5 2,86 EUR - you save 0,09 EUR
from 10 2,80 EUR - you save 0,15 EUR
from 15 2,71 EUR - you save 0,24 EUR
from 20 2,66 EUR - you save 0,30 EUR
Delivery time is about 3-5 days*Delivery time is about 3-5 days*

Magnet stencil letters

All letters, figures, umlauts and special characters can be lined up in the respective size endlessly. An exact and therefore precise work is guaranteed easily. The templates can be used anywhere with appropriate fixation.

  • used material: Magnet foil COROPOL 0.9 mms
  • assembly instructions are observable here
  • optional to the download as a PDF

With suitable care the stencils can be used long. After use the stencils clean. With solvent-containing colors the stencils wipe. Overnight with water-based colors the stencils can be also soaked in the bain-marie. Then the color can be well removed.

*Valid for shipments within Germany only. Delivery times to other countries and information on the calculation of the delivery see here.

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