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Delivery time is about 3-5 days*Delivery time is about 3-5 days*

Zodiac sign, pictogram, black and white

Zodiac stickers for the months from January to December. Each month has a different zodiac sign. Capricorn, valid from 22.12.-20.01., Aquarius, valid from 21.01.-02.19., Fish, valid from 20.02.-03.20., Aries, valid from 21.03.-04.20., Taurus, valid 21.04.-20.05., Twins valid from 21.05.-21.06., Cancer, valid from 22.06 to 22.07., Leo, valid from 23.07.-08.23., Virgo, valid from 24.08.-09.23., Libra, valid from 24.09.-10.23., Scorpio valid from 24.10.-22.11., contactors, valid from 23.11.-21.12.

The films used are weather proof and UV resistant. The technical data sheet and our assembly instructions are accessible at all times and provide useful tips. Delivery is done without texts.

*Valid for shipments within Germany only. Delivery times to other countries and information on the calculation of the delivery see here.


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