Sportstripes, Viperstripes, Carbon foil


Stripes in Carbon foilWidth about everything: 33 cms. 2 surfaces availably. Carbon and Brushed.The stickers can be used for every vehicle / car, there from 1 m - 3 ms in progressive rates orderable. Surfaces to be pasted of the vehicle measure and order meeting demand. Example: 1 x 1 m and 1 x 2.5 ms. Advantage: color combinations are possible.

46,45 EUR
incl. 19% VAT plus shipping costs (to DE)

Delivery time is about 7-10 days*Delivery time is about 7-10 days*

Sportstripes, Viperstripes, Carbon foil

Distance, space. The stripes have the following mass: 14 cms - 5 cms - 14 cms

The data sheet of the used foil ORACAL 975 Premium Cast - pdf - is available to the view or to download.

*Valid for shipments within Germany only. Delivery times to other countries and information on the calculation of the delivery see here.

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