Naughty Baby with earthworm


Baby sticker Naughty Baby with earthworm. Available from a height of 15 cm to a height of 35 cm. Available for purchase in many colors. Among options the child's name enter in the text field.

Naughty Baby with earthworm
Naughty Baby with earthworm

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Delivery time is about 3-5 days*Delivery time is about 3-5 days*

Naughty Baby with earthworm

All stickers are cut contour, detached and are delivered including transfer paper. If the sticker on the rear window from the inside are attached, the label order mirrored and look for a light color selection.

We only use high-performance films (Sheet). These are UV- and carwash resistant. Outside, about 7 - 8 year shelf life. Our assembly instructions can be viewed as a PDF.

*Valid for shipments within Germany only. Delivery times to other countries and information on the calculation of the delivery see here.

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